Call Center Accent Reduction Avatar Technology

$1 a day/agent

can do a job for you

Now you don’t have to worry if your call center agents sound foreign or cant speak English properly

Our patented Avatar Program is specifically designed to mask our foreign agent’s accents, so that they can prospect sales leads without productivity loss. It is no secret that prospects do not like to hear a sales pitch delivered by a foreigner. When lead generation is performed with an international accent, there is an 80% conversion loss that negates the benefit of using cheap off shore labor. The Avatar software allows our agents to convert prospects into potential sales while giving our clients the benefit of inexpensive labor. No other BPO company can generate live transfers or set appointments at the cost or the quality of our Avatar enabled telemarketers.

All it takes to get started is one call to your account manager to discuss your call center requirements and campaign. We get started by creating a script for you and we launch your campaign efficiently and quickly in matter of days. Our organization has the depth of staff and capacity to launch up to 8 new telemarketing campaigns a week. We have the people power, processes and expertise to launch and run your sales campaigns with day one success. 

Each Avatar team starts with a minimum of 10 telemarketing agents, one manager and one quality control agent. There is no need for any additional headcount.

We provide all of the other job functions to assemble, train, launch and run your telemarketing team. One call to your Avatar Sales Manager is all of the effort required to get started with your Avatar driven telemarketing sales force.

A onetime registration and processing fee will apply on your order placement of avatar technology and $1 a day for every agent.

All payments must be paid in advance.

Minimum 10 agents required for the use of avatar