Virtual Office in USA

Virtual Office in USA

Total Cost: $221.99 / Month

Setup Fee is waived for signup with 1-year term.

Limited promotional offer, unbeatable low price guaranteed!

Work Hours: 24 hours / day, 365 days / year. As one of the largest and best high-rise office buildings in 5 states of USA, Kono Building was designed and constructed by the U.S. Federal Government. It has successfully served the U.S. Government and the local community since 1965.

In order to better serve the globalized world, Kono Building is now open to all business individuals and professional firms from any corner of the world at unbeatable low price through its Virtual Office Program.

Kono Building’s Virtual Office is instantly available when you sign up online. As soon as your Virtual Office is assigned, you are entitled to start conducting all of your businesses based on Kono-assigned office address.

By using the Kono-assigned office address, you will be able to announce the unique professional U.S. corporate address on your website and business cards, use the address as your firm’s registered address, improve your corporate image, timely receive all your business mails, apply for credit cards and line of credit, negotiate bank loans, schedule client meetings, and much more…

Each of Kono’s Virtual Offices is available at $221.99 / month, a globally unbeatable low price for a superior virtual office in a large city in USA.

If you want to strictly control your budget, or you want a unique corporate address to improve your business, or you want a U.S. corporate address to expand your business in USA, or you are tired of workday traffic, etc., Kono’s Virtual Office will be one of the best options for you.

When you sign up, your virtual office package will automatically include:

1) a professional business address in the Central Business District of a large U.S. city

2) mail receipt service

3) mail forwarding service.

In addition, the following optional services are available upon request:

1) lobby directory listing

2) use of conference rooms

3) use of day offices

4) telephone answering and transferring service

5) fax-to-email service

6) copying and scanning service

7) company registration and registered agent service, etc.