1. Recruit, hire and train a sales force sufficient to meet company revenue objectives.
  2. Develop, discipline and measure the efficiency of a selling system with the horsepower to meet the company’s sales goals.
  3. Develop a method for tracking and monitoring individual selling performance.
  4. Establish a system for generating, managing, maximizing, and tracking leads. It should measure the source, quantity, and quality.
  5. Create sales strategies that identify significant opportunities, effective selling tactics and compelling and persuasive sales messages for each product and each type of prospect.
  6. Establish effective procedures for each of the elements of the selling system, including selling appointments, presenting demonstration, closing and obtaining referrals.
  7. Develop a method for efficient and effective territory and product management.
  8. Design an incentive and recognition system for each element of the sales force.
  9. Create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and positive motivation.
  10. Develop a method for expediting individual sales and recovering lost business.
  11. Meet sales expense budgets.