1. Who are you and who are your competitors?
  2. What factors distinguish winners from losers in your market place?
  3. How can you reduce the bargaining power of customers and suppliers?
  4. How do you increase barriers to existing competitions and potential new entrants?
  5. What have you learned in the last year, three years and five years?
  6. What threats and vulnerabilities do you face?
  7. How do you create value compared to your competitors?
  8. What are your core competencies?
  9. What distinctive or unique benefits do your competencies deliver to your customers?
  10. What new benefits should you be considering?
  11. Who are your customers?
  12. Why do customers buy from you rather than your competitors?
  13. What drives your current market?
  14. What will drive your future market?
  15. How are markets defined?
  16. How will your products change as to your competitor’s products?
  17. What related markets are you choosing not to serve and why?
  18. What resources are available to you and to your customers?
  19. Describe the three most contributions senior management can make to the organization?
  20. Where do you want to take your company goals?
  21. Describe the best care and worst care scenario covering the next 3 to 5 years?
  22. How will you achieve your goals?