Zafarson holding agent status of its channel company in NYC – USA works directly with multiple funding sources as consultants and qualified referral agents. We liaise between project principals  and funders. FI works with those seeking funding to facilitate their request by determining the validity of specific projects, gather pertinent documents and then submit them to funding sources for review and potential acceptance.

We work in close association with top RWA funding sources to review business projects seeking working capital from $10 Million USD and up. Our current project focus is in the fields of energy,  medical, health care, hospitals community infrastructure, Hotels and resorts, sports complexes and stadiums, aviation and housing.

  • Energy Projects (Wind, Solar, Hydro & other Green Projects)
  • Oil, Gas & Mining Projects
  • Office Buildings
  • Construction & Development Real Estate Loans
  • Airports • Medical Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Hospitality
  • Resorts, Hotels, Marinas and Golf Courses
  • Agriculture and Ranches
  • Business Expansion
  • SBA Loans (US only)
  • Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
  • Our funding resource specializes in funding infrastructure and humanitarian projects in most all non-sanctioned countries in the world as well as the S.A.
  • This is not normal project funding. This is a JV Funding where the capital source partners with a developer and provides the means to fund an immense amount of benevolent and job creation projects.
  • Projects currently range from $100 million to $500 billion. No project is too
  • Very simply put, this funding program is similar to gaining access through the funder to a large-scale global grant program which enables economic development on a worldwide platform.
  • Typical funding is 100% of the approved There are several levels of qualifying cash collateral required and can be paid by the client, a partner, or a sponsor.
  • The funder takes a 20% equity share of the project, and by doing so all funding becomes NON- RECOURSE AND NON-REPAYABLE. The developer owns 80% of the project free and
  • The developer remains in complete control of their project, with no debt to repay ever.
  • Their funding program is regulated by and sanctioned by international monetary
  • Typical projects include, but are not limited to: Airports, Hotels, Marinas, Medical Facilities, Resorts, Roads, Bridges & Transportation Systems, Hospitals, Sport Complexes and Stadiums, Energy, Oil and Gas, Water Treatment Plants, Manufacturing- -virtually any project that drives economic growth that creates and sustains jobs and improves lives.
  • Upon completion of the project the developer owns 80% of the project without debt and “free and clear”. How you treat the project in the future is totally up to You can hold it or sell it.
  • The funder currently has over 100 different projects using this program, either having been funded or approved and in
  • Our role is not to tell you the specifics of the program; in fact, we would be in violation of our NDA if we did. The transaction is a very involved structured funding program and needs to be presented by the highest level of understanding. Our job is to determine your interest and if you would like to know and understand more. We will arrange a call with one of the senior advisors of the firm to see if it might be a viable source for the Principal’s Project Funding
  • In order to move forward, we will need a 15-30 page Professional Business Plan as well as a mutual NDA that assures we won’t share your information with anyone and vice-versa. The NDA is for general purposes of confidentiality as well as to make sure details are provided only by the funder’s direct representative. The initial contact is made by phone only with the main Principal of the project and normally takes about 45 minutes to
  • This phone call is educational and not a sales call. If you are tired of chasing funding and want to be introduced to a source of funding that is proven to work, then send us an email to info@zafarson.com

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.