The customer service through social networks is now a reality. The current debate is how to do that, because there are many opinions about how this new communication channel should be implemented. A recent study conducted by Frost & Sullivan consulting provides interesting concepts on the topic, there says that the success in social networks requires the existence of an area that carry out the implementation strategy – which detailed in four phases-.

These phases can be considered a tactical plan, which begins with a short interaction with customers in networks up to adopt them as a channel of communication in the company. These are the stages:

1. Listen and monitor

2. Social Media Platform

3. The company interacts with customers through social networks

4. Social networks are adopted as a channel

How to start?

First of all, must produce a change in the paradigm of care to which we are accustomed. This means that the changes are not only technological, also cultural in nature. As the mentioned study points out, it is necessary to pass through different stages up to the inclusion of the network as a channel which is required for the maturation and the development of a strategy and tactical plan.

As defined the strategy, we have to meet the following challenges: managing the people, processes and technology implementation.

In relation to persons, as always they play a key role. Emerges on the scene a new role – that may have already heard talk – the Community Manager, whose role is vital because it is who outlines the strategies of attention to customer (defines the how, who and when) in conjunction with the call center.

You should be considered, on the other hand from the standpoint of management resources to interact with customers requiring a different profile to the traditional call center operators because it is a written media and public. It should define this new profile together with the human resources area and subsequently assess whether current campus there are collaborators who comply with the same.

At the technological level, it is important to choose flexible tools that accompany change. Manage interactions with customers through social networks may seem similar to a traditional voice call, but it is not. Medium generates new concepts such as conversation and offers background information that allow better segmentation of customer contacts, know their profile, their previous interactions and preferences. Here we have to redefine the operational concepts, establish measurement parameters.

Social networks offer valuable information to keep in mind when managing interactions with customers by what a traditional ACD should incorporate substantial changes to meet this demand. An example of this are the messages in the queue are waiting for be attended by an agent. It is not the same to be able to measure the amount of call waiting, which analyze the content and sender of messages that are waiting for a response from the call center, management and possibilities offer an experience in real time are different.

On the market are emerging many hybrids that try to adapt its technology to this new reality, but the tools should be designed to this end, putting the focus both on social networks and in the call center. In short, for the adoption of the network as a channel is necessary to the development of a strategy and tactical plan. It must include: people management, operation and finally the technological 3 Keys to Turning Your Contact Center into a Profit Center in 2014 solution that accompany in all these changes.