“Our clients frequently remark on the quality of our software and our consulting and technical services and back end services rendered by our call center clients. As they comment by saying….. it’s easy to use and customizable by the user and reasonably priced. In addition, I made use of Zafarson excellent consulting service to add additional customization that was unique to my application environment The modifications were completed in just a few days. I highly recommend Zafarson for the Web for any web-based applications requiring calendar functions.”

Larry Arnold



“I just wanted to express my appreciation for your quick responses to [our] inquiries when you provided us with a reliable center in the Philippines for customer support and help desk.”

Glenn R. Whitestone

Information Services Manager


“We have been very impressed with Zafarson consultation and quality process which really supported our decision to go along in using a call center in India and Bahrain for our recruitment helpline and help desk. Zafarson laid out an unforgettable experience along with the call centers…… really to say they were rock – solid.”

Larry D. Arps



“I would like to thank you for all the support that you have given in selecting a marketing process and clients who really made a difference in the market trend for our software. The selling strategies applied by your client made a big difference and since then it has been a huge success!! Having hundreds of projects that need to be scheduled and tracked by multiple organizations this was the perfect selling strategy. We have been very pleased with your client’s services. Keep up the good work!

Keven Sticher



“I want to express my great enthusiasm for the call center you provided us in the Philippines to run our blended campaign. The selling skills along with manpower who showed zeal and experience along with English skills were a real charm.”

Marty Bigos

Director, Business Development Manager


“We’ve been using your outsourcing service centers in Canada and USA for the Web Hosting Version for our systems and web development process practice for a year and been delighted with its functionality and customer service. With many branches covering many locations, keeping track of who’s supposed to be where was a nightmare. You’re your outsourcing service centers, we were up and running in less than a day, and we now can say that never again we will face downtime. GOOD JOB CENTERS.”

Richard Duszak

I.T. Head


“You saved my butt with your remote login feature. We were going to have to maintain two databases with username/password prior to this feature [available as of v1.2.1]. Now Calendars for the Web can magically see who is logged in and act accordingly….Terrific!”

Ronald E. Liles

Sales Manager


“We have thoroughly enjoyed using the call centers you provided TITAN TELECOM. We have found that your centers were very selective and they did a good job. One thing I can count on, whenever I need a call center, Zafarson for sure will be there to respond. Many, many thanks!”

Anne Barre

Ground Manger Sales


“Throughout the whole process of reviewing our insurance cover, Bartlett were efficient and responsive, unlike much of our previous experience with the industry…I have no doubt in recommending Zafarson and their experience to date has been very positive.”

Lee Miles

Senior Analyst


”We recently renewed our PI and D&O cover and asked Zafarson to quote for this along with our existing broker…. Zafarson devoted its services in a professional manner and was always available to answer questions. At the end of the process, we felt that we worked with our own staff. Zafarson didn’t allow any barriers to barge in-between and terms were set just right to experience relieved service.”

Thomas Hedge

Lay man


‘Zafarson secured us improved cover at a reduced cost. They were professional and flexible throughout and went the extra mile to ensure we understood the policy terms of their clients and the ramifications of any changes in cover.”

Sonya Hague



“Some of our US-based international clients have kindly agreed to have a short testimonial video done by Zafarson clients…. It was certainly an experience and breathtaking. Cheers”

Katherine Dugg



“Zafarson references really were an excellent organization to work with, from initial concept to the industry knowledge they possess. We have contracted [them] for a number of requirements this year; I’m feeling very satisfied with the relationship we have developed, we have no reservations in recommending the services and references of Zafarson. I surely will forward Zafarson’s portfolio to our clients and contacts.”

Charles Keith

Bonds Manager


“I would like to] take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your help and support during all these past years. I shudder to think how many but your help has saved me many anxious moments and wonder how I would have coped otherwise!”

Sierra More

Relations Coordinator


“Zafarson online training by their experienced tutors were absolutely wonderful! They were super easy to work with and our students absolutely loved them. We were happy with the turnout and the audience was very responsive to the show. We would definitely recommend them to others to consider having them return to Cornell in the future.”

Cindy Grant



“Everything went great!! I’ve had so many compliments on the entertainment and they really capped off the night perfectly!!! Thanks so much for being so easy to communicate with during this whole process. It’s so nice when I know I can ask a question and get it answered basically immediately by Zafarson Chairman. ”

Larry Fitz Gerald



“Just wanted to send a HUGE “Thank you” for an awesome online training session yesterday. It was a huge step in team development and collaboration and realizing our strength as a team. Everyone learned so much and only had great things to say. Joe – said that you gave a lot of training tips/insights following each activity, and the team is hoping you’ll be able to share those as a follow-up like thinking in a “state of awesome” and some of the left brain/right brain subconscious insights. We’d like to make this an annual activity for Zafarson, but even sooner, we’re thinking about bringing Joe in for a manager-specific training. Thank you both so much. It was such a pleasure!”

Kenny Larson

Acting Director


“They were amazing and brought a lot of joy and online education sessions for our students who wanted to register. I learned so much about myself while being in the workshop. It was surely our pleasure and most of us are already brainstorming ways to bring them back soon – some of us are even suffering withdrawal! You have an extremely talented, professional, and personable crew!”

Harvey Lens

Senior Analyst


“I wanted to thank you both for the follow-up AND the terrific workshop that you and Seth put together. He is extremely clear and insightful and we were very appreciative of his ability to tie our lessons back to the realities of our company. Not only did our accent development team have fun together, but the workshop changed us for the better. We are now more open with each other and with our clients, and the improvements in communication and demeanor are very obvious. We have come closer to establishing the group mind that makes any team, comedy or corporate, more effective and enjoyable.”

Barb Kensington

Lay man


“It is also important to note iO’s responsiveness and flexibility. A week before the event we found out there were going to be 20 more people than originally expected. The iO team resolved the situation within minutes by adding two more moderators provided by Zafarson which was imperative to the success.”

Church Hill



“Zafarson immediately understood our objectives and embraced the opportunity to work together in meeting them. We set forth with a shared vision for creating a stronger environment of listening and communication through their channel partners. Not only did their entire team embrace our goals, they really became our partners in achieving them… While we immediately knew the session was a success, we continue to see the impact. First, our constituent-base is still raving about the session, applauding us for having the foresight to pursue and offer this level of training. Second, we’ve seen relationships between our partners strengthen. Thnx Zafarson.”

Barbara Walters



“Joe got us excited because of his experience training corporate groups, his enthusiasm, and his choice of activities for our sales group. Holly was the perfect partner to complete our sales group, training team. They put on an impromptu performance at the end of our training that had all of us rolling with laughter. We will be spreading the word to our corporate partners and clients about the exceptional experience from their experienced trainers.”

Lars Welch